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Wake me up, Avicii!

One of my favorite songs right now by the Swedish artist Avicii, check it out!
/ With Love from Hong Kong


I am back!

Hello readers!

Hope you all had a wonderful summer! I am back in Hong Kong as well as back in the blog world.  After a long needed vacation in Sweden during the summer I feel ready for a autumn in Hong Kong! I have so much new shopping items to show you as well as new HK tips to share with you  🙂

But I want to start off by giving you a piece of advice to one of the best websites about Hong Kong. It focus mostly on women but they do have a lot of good reviews on restaurant and bars. They also recommend good beauty salons and fashion stores as well as the newest city updates! Check it out here!

Talk to you tomorrow!


/ With Love from Hong Kong

Mr Red



Dear readers,

How are you feeling today? I have had a good day today, I have for the first time in my life visited a karaoke bar! And it was awesome! 😀 I went to a bar called Mr Red in Causeway Bay at lunch time since it then was possible to eat lunch at the karaoke bar as well as sing. The service was great and the food was also good, furthermore it was cheap. In total, I paid 70 HK dollars for the visit.  I was afraid that there would be a lack of English songs before the visit but it turned out that they had more English songs that I could ever imagine. I highly recommend you to pay a visit to this place 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Pasta Love

Ni hao!

If you are a pasta lover just as me, these three following delicious pasta dishes you cannot miss when in Hong Kong! All of them are just as delicious as they look! Feels like you are in Italy all of a sudden 😉


If you are looking for a fabulous restaurant located in the basement in the heart of LKF serving an amazing Papardelle bolognese with homemade pasta and a tasty bolognese sauce, Lily and Bloom is the place you should go to. The steaks and meat dishes are supposed to be delicious here as well.


Another favorite of mine, the seafood pasta I tasted when visiting the lovely cute and calm Agnes B Le Pain Grille in Festival Walk. This restaurant is actually French so all dishes have a touch of French cuisine but this dish feels very Italian though. Nonetheless, the food was delicious and the taste from the seafood accompanied with garlic was divine.


Last but not least, The lobster pasta served at Ristorante Joia is just fantastic also. The taste of chili with lobster and tomato works perfectly together with the pasta.

To sum up ,if you choose any of these three dishes I believe you wont be disappointed since they all makes me wanna scream; Fantastico! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong





What accompanied me home from Victoria Secret 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Sunday Bloody Sunday



Dear readers,

I spent my day studying and exercising, I hope you had a more adventurous day than I! 😉 I did however find time to go to the newly opened Victoria Secret store in IFC mall, where something little and pink accompanied me home… haha… I will show you tomorrow! Sweet dreams!

/ With Love from Hong Kong


  / With Love from Hong Kong

Friday night


Hope you all had a good Friday evening yesterday! Mine was awesome! 😉 I had an amazing dinner at Lily & Bloom (Go there and try the paperdelle bolognese! Bellissimo!!! 😉 ) and then went out with a couple of friends to try the night life in HK. For tourists eager to try the nightlife also, my suggestion is try the bar and restaurant Sevva, they have lovely drinks and desserts as well as amazing view over HK. Both these places are fairly expensive, but if you are searching for somewhere to celebrate these are both good places! 😉 Hope you are all having a good Saturday!


/ With Love from Hong Kong

Every day is Dessert day



Looking for one of the best chocolate dessert in HK? Go to Baby Cafe in TST or the one at Langham Place! The model and actress Angelababy is the founder of the very chic and chanel-inspired cafe with good food! 😉 Love the interior design they have and that they serve warm croissants with the food. You can read more about it here!

/ With Love from Hong Kong





Another newcomer in my closet! A fur and leather vest from Diane von Furstenberg! It is so cosy, soft and wonderful that it had to be mine! It will be perfect for the autumn in Hong Kong as well as in Sweden. It works perfectly together with either a pair of black pants, a skirt or a dress. 😀

/ With Love from Hong Kong