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Month: October, 2012

Nobel Prize Winner 2012

The Nobel Prize in literature was awarded to the Chinese author and novelist Mo Yan. I send my biggest congratulations to China for  winning yet another Nobel Prize! This time, China seems to embrace the prize happily compared to the prize that was awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiabao at 2010. I have to admit that Mo Yan was a unknown author for me, but now I am excited to read one of his books! He seems to be a great storyteller since he mixes realism with magical realism in tales located in rural China. His most famous book seems to be “Red Sorghum”, that book has also become a movie. I actually went to the bookstore today to buy one of his books but apparently they only had his books on Chinese, so I will have to wait until they are available on English! You can read more about him here.

/ With Love from Hong Kong



Joia Ristorante Italiano

Last night I had a better gastronomic experience! I ate one of the best pizzas ever! Just amazing! The restaurant name is “Joia Ristorante Italiano” located in the shopping mall Elements, you can find some more information about the restaurant here. I  tried their signature pizza with parma ham, buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. I also got the chance to try their signature spaghetti with Fresh Boston lobster in tomato and basil sauce, another divine dish! If you feel like eating Italian in Hong Kong, this is the place to go! I will absolutely go back to this restaurant!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Life is like a box of macaroons!

Celebrating the fact that is Friday, I bought some french sweets for myself! I am a huge fan of macaroons, I mean, what is it not to like? 😉  My favorites are bought from either LGB, Ladurée or Paul Lafayet. And when it comes to flavors; raspberry, caramel, passion fruit and vanilla are my favorites! Yummie!!! These ones are bought at LGB, which has a store located in the shopping mall “Elements”. Anyone else who is addicted to the small sweets that just appears in every possible color and flavor?? 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong


Ni Hao readers from all over the world!

I am so happy to see that I have readers from all corners of the world! 🙂 From Sweden to Hong Kong to the US, so nice with so many different nationalities! I am delighted to welcome people from all over the world! 😉 My Thursday has been really busy with a lot of studying and attending lessons all day long. Now I have eaten some dinner and taken a shower and now it is time for bed for me! I hope you all had a nice Thursday!



The weather is so nice during this period here in HK!! Almost every day sunny and warm but not too hot, but just the perfect temperature! This really is the best time to be here!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Mane ´n Tail


The Shampoo and Conditioner I am using right now is really good for my hair, and it smells just lovely…. Try it!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Best of Today


Best of Today:

1. Stylish Jacket from Weekend MaxMara with such nice leather details! This will be perfect to wear during the colder months in HK!

2. Mulberry Agenda, practical and never goes out of style! I have had mine for two years and it still looks exactly as when I first bought it. That is what I call quality! 😉

3. Red ballerina flats from the Swiss brand Bally, I really love their footwear and bags!! Everything is always so classic and the leather is amazing as well as the fitting of the shoe. And red shoes are never wrong! easyMe like!

4. Classic brown leather belt from Chanel, can be used with almost everything and is such a nice detail!

5. The bag is also from Bally and the size of the bag makes it neat and easy to carry along at all occasions.Suitable for both party and everyday life! 🙂

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Toga Archives

Besides the two exquisite pieces of clothing I have showed you earlier today, I also found a new unique skirt from the Japanese brand Toga Archives. This is my second skirt from them and I really like their clothes. The thing I like most about this skirt is that they have worked with many layers and one specifically in orange. A classic skirt but with a modern twist!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Black silk dress from Theory

I also found a gorgeous dress in silk from Theory yesterday. This stylish piece of clothing  was also on sale so I bought it for 1 350 HK dollars instead of 5 900! This will be stunning together with a pair of high heels and a necklace as displayed on the picture. I think I will match it with some colorful shoes and bag to make it more fun, but I absolutely love the style and model of the dress. And like Coco Chanel said that a LBD is never wrong! 😉 This will definitely be a new favorite in the wardrobe!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Pink shorts

Yesterday I bought these eye-poping pink 100 % silk bermuda shorts from SportMax, a underline of MaxMara. These will be perfect to wear during the hot period here in Hong Kong because of the thin material. I am in love with the pink color, the color just makes me happy! These pair of shorts cost 3 600 HK dollars, but I was lucky finding them on sale for 450 HK dollars! 😉 You gotta love HK sale!

 I love that they put a small diamond on each of their clothing, such a nice and exquisite detail! 

Two more pieces of clothing coming up later tonight! Stay tuned! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Mrs. Fields


Looking for some really delicious cookies? Try Mrs. Fields cookies! Divine! 😉 You can find this bakery at many different places, mostly MTR stations (for example the Central station). Enjoy!

/ With Love from Hong Kong