Best of Today

by withlovefromhk


Best of Today:

1. “The Secret”. I haven´t read it yet, but it is supposed to be really good so I am very excited about reading it! I will get back to you with a review! 😉 By the way, have anyone of you read it?

2. Orange Hermes H bracelet. So classic but still so modern. I really love the color as well!

3. Military green silk skirt from American Gryphon, such a comfy skirt and I really like the material!

4. My new green iPhone case from Burberry, quiet an unusual color but I like it! And it is so practical and it keeps my iPhone in the best possible condition!

5. Mavala Nail Shield. The best treatment I have ever tried for protecting your nails. Keeps your nails strong and healthy! This product I warmly recommend. I am also really fond of all their nail polishes! (“Hong Kong” is a really nice color! One of my favorites! )

/ With love from Hong Kong