Chinese national day!

by withlovefromhk

Ni Hao!

I am having a long weekend break! Yesterday it was the Mid Autumn Festival, which traditionally is a day locals here spend with their families eating mooncake. I also spent yesterday with my family, we had a really nice day visiting friends in a suburb outside central Hong Kong. We also enjoyed some mooncake!!! The first of October is the national day of China, therefore there has been a bit of celebration here in Hong Kong today. All over the city most people are having a day off from work so it has been even more people in town than usual. But now on the evening there is very nice fireworks outside.

It has been so nice having some days of from school! I have studied during these days a little to keep up with everything, but is has been nice doing something else as well… I went to the gym today and also yesterday, running on the treadmill… so nice clearing my mind a little.


Now I have been watching some Swedish programs here in Hong Kong, I really love the fact that so many channels upload their programs to their website!!! Awesome for us Swedes living abroad and missing some Swedish television!

Beautiful Stanley

/ With love from Hong Kong