Ocean Park!

by withlovefromhk

View from the cable car 

Yesterday I went the most beautiful and exciting theme park here in Hong Kong, Ocean Park, and it was such a fun day! The theme Park is located in the Hong Kong Islands and from the metro station admiralty it is possible to take a bus. The trip from admiralty takes about 15-20 minutes. In the theme park you can find different kind of animals (penguins and pandas!!!), a big aquarium and some roller-coasters. The Park is built on two separate places and between these two spots you can either take the cable car or the train. On one of the cable car stations you can also find a most lovely cafe, “The Terrace Cafe”. Here you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views over Stanley and the sea coast. They also have nice cooling fruit drinks! In total, the entrance ticket to Ocean Park cost me around 300 HK dollars and then the bus trip both ways is included. It is worth a visit!

The aquarium was very impressive actually! Here it is possible to enjoy all kind of fishes, sharks and rocks. It was even possible to walk in a tunnel trough the water and therefore watching the sharks from underneath 🙂

In this theme it is possible to travel from the world under the water surface to the North Pole 🙂

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