Sham Shui Po

by withlovefromhk

If you are looking for sewing material, fabrics, cloths or anything other you might need for sewing, you can without any doubt find it in the area called Sham Shui Po in Kowloon, Hong Kong. They have everything you could possible imagine! I have never seen so many types and colors of ribbons, buttons, pearls and fabrics. It is also possible to order exactly the fabric you wish to purchase. Real paradise for someone who is interested in sewing! Or for people like me, who might consider buying some cloth to tailor clothes. Here in Hong Kong there exists a multitude of tailors, the one I have heard of is Lee Baron (he is supposed to be one of the best ones)  but I have not yet gotten the opportunity to order something from a tailor yet, so I have no experience of his work. It is supposed to be quite good prices for tailored clothes as well, so I look forward to try ordering some tailored clothes.

 / With love from Hong Kong