Nobel Prize Winner 2012

by withlovefromhk

The Nobel Prize in literature was awarded to the Chinese author and novelist Mo Yan. I send my biggest congratulations to China for  winning yet another Nobel Prize! This time, China seems to embrace the prize happily compared to the prize that was awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiabao at 2010. I have to admit that Mo Yan was a unknown author for me, but now I am excited to read one of his books! He seems to be a great storyteller since he mixes realism with magical realism in tales located in rural China. His most famous book seems to be “Red Sorghum”, that book has also become a movie. I actually went to the bookstore today to buy one of his books but apparently they only had his books on Chinese, so I will have to wait until they are available on English! You can read more about him here.

/ With Love from Hong Kong