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Month: November, 2012

Rainy Sunday, but Colorful Feet!

Today the rain has been pouring down all day and it has been so dull weather. I have entertained myself with studies as well as chocolate macaroons from La Maison de Chocolat (yummie!) and trying on my new red shoes in suede from Kate Spade! The shoes match perfectly with my new dress! 😉 I will now finish my Sunday evening with some powerwalking on the treadmill and BTVS! Hope you all had a nice Sunday and that your evening will be even better! See ya!!


Lady in red

My new lace dress I bought yesterday! I found it at Kate Spade waiting for me to bring it home! 😉 The store is located in Tung Chung where Kate Spade has a outlet store. I am so happy for my new red lace dress! Perfect for Christmas as well, I am ready for the Christmas party now!

/ With Love from Hong Kong


Today I have been taking a break from my studies, very well needed!!! I went shopping with my family and found some very nice things that I will show you tomorrow! 😉 I can tell you that two new pairs of shoes is added to my wardrobe as well as one very beautiful dress….. more than that I am not saying! Today it actually was pretty cold in Hong Kong, for the first time it was under 20 degrees!  The only positive thing with that is the fact that I now can start using my winter/autumn clothes!!! Wihoo!!! 😉 Tonight, I am looking forward to start reading my new book the golden oldie Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoj. Have you read it? I want to see the movie (2012) with Keira Knightley in the main role as Anna, it seems really good! And one of the roles is played by the Swedish star Alicia Wikander, she is so beautiful!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Christmas is coming to town!

Hong Kong is being invaded by Christmas! 😉 In the shopping malls we hear christmas carols all day long accompanied by Christmas decorations in mostly red, gold and green. They have installed the biggest Christmas tree I have ver seen in one of the shopping malls, even decorated with Swarovski crystals! Me big like!!! I ate my first pieces of ginger bread yesterday as well!!! The only thing I miss is snow… When it is around 20 degrees outside, it somehow does not feel as Christmas at all… But in the same it is wonderful to be able to still wear a skirt! 😉 There are pros and cons with everything, I guess….

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Harbour City

When visiting Hong Kong, Harbour City is absolutely a shopping mall you need to visit! This is one of the biggest shopping malls here in HK, where you can find basically everything! They offer all the nice luxurious brands such as Mulberry, D&G, Louis Vuitton etc. but they also have shops providing less luxurious clothes and items to a much more affordable price. In total, they have 700 stores, so you can easily spend a whole day here if you like! They also have a big city super, grocery store, with a lot of international food, for example the Swedish “knäckebröd” Wasa! The shopping mall is located in Tsim Sha Tsui.

“Frukost” (Swedish for Breakfast) is the best flavor!!!   

/ With Love from Hong Kong


Ni hao readers!

Hong Kong is becoming a bit colder now actually and we have really bad weather today, really rainy and dull… But besides from that I am so happy to have Friday and soon weekend! 😉 I am now doing a project where I got to read, see and hear about M&M´s chocolate constantly… Subsequently, I am craving for that non-stop and I am not even that big candy lover! It is good that I soon will be done with the project, then hopefully I will have other things on my mind besides chocolate….

/ With Love from Hong Kong

These shoes are made for walking!

I took the chance to buy some new gorgeous sandals this weekend when I took a break from my studies! As I am going to a tropical island this Christmas (will tell you exactly where later… 😉 ) and therefore need some nice colorful sandals!!! So I bought two colorful pairs of sandals, one orange pair from Stuart Weitzman and a pair of pink wedges from Amaya! Love the colors on them both and they will be perfect with pedicured feet! 😉 I am ready to go!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Diamonds are a girl´s best friend


Do as Rihanna, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Elizabeth and Marilyn; shine bright like an diamond!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! I will tell you more about mine tomorrow! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Best of Today

1. November issue of Harper´s Bazaar US. I love that magazine, it always offers such nice fashion advice! Nice to read something else except the course literature for school…

 2. Calligraphy pens in every possible color, I really enjoy writing calligraphy in my agenda, makes it so tidy, nice and colorful! When my agenda is in good shape, so am I! 😉

3. Wallet from Burberry, this practical and user-friendly wallet is a big favorite of mine! The quality, the simpleness and the organization it provides makes me adore it!

4. Scarf from Methzo, amazing colors and the material (100 % wool) makes it perfect to wear during chilly autumn evenings. The pattern is just lovely.

Hope you all had a fantastic Friday! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Books, essays, articles…

These past days can be summarized in the words; reading and writing. That are the only things I have been doing, except attending lessons that is to say. Next week and the week after that we have to submit and present basically all assignments for this semester so I am working like a maniac with those! 😉 But I promise I will upload more posts after I have finished the biggest part of my schoolwork! I hope everything is well with you all!!!

“If you are going through hell, keep going”

A wise quote from Winston Churchill

/ With Love from Hong Kong