East meets West

by withlovefromhk

I am so grateful for living in such a comfortable and modern city! Everything is so reachable and easy to access here. You can find everything from Swedish candy to Swiss cheese to Chinese apples. This is the city where East meets West in a convenient way. 😉 The influences from Britain are still vast, but in the same time the Chinese culture has put it´s mark on the city. I heard a interesting thing yesterday from a local, that they are having a huge problem with pregnant mainlanders from China that wants to give birth to their babies here in Hong Kong. By doing so, they can later claim that their child should be counted as a Hong Kong citizen, instead of Chinese citizen. This leads to the fact that mainlanders can avoid the one child policy in China. Read a article about it here. So the government has decided to limit their maternity services for mainlanders. Hong Kong as a amazing city as it is, doesn´t have place for all the people that wants to live here! Everyone wants to live in the city that offers the best out of two worlds, I suppose that is why it lives over 7 million here as well.

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