Best of Today

by withlovefromhk

1. November issue of Harper´s Bazaar US. I love that magazine, it always offers such nice fashion advice! Nice to read something else except the course literature for school…

 2. Calligraphy pens in every possible color, I really enjoy writing calligraphy in my agenda, makes it so tidy, nice and colorful! When my agenda is in good shape, so am I! 😉

3. Wallet from Burberry, this practical and user-friendly wallet is a big favorite of mine! The quality, the simpleness and the organization it provides makes me adore it!

4. Scarf from Methzo, amazing colors and the material (100 % wool) makes it perfect to wear during chilly autumn evenings. The pattern is just lovely.

Hope you all had a fantastic Friday! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong