by withlovefromhk

Today I have been taking a break from my studies, very well needed!!! I went shopping with my family and found some very nice things that I will show you tomorrow! 😉 I can tell you that two new pairs of shoes is added to my wardrobe as well as one very beautiful dress….. more than that I am not saying! Today it actually was pretty cold in Hong Kong, for the first time it was under 20 degrees!  The only positive thing with that is the fact that I now can start using my winter/autumn clothes!!! Wihoo!!! 😉 Tonight, I am looking forward to start reading my new book the golden oldie Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoj. Have you read it? I want to see the movie (2012) with Keira Knightley in the main role as Anna, it seems really good! And one of the roles is played by the Swedish star Alicia Wikander, she is so beautiful!

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