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Month: December, 2012


I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!!!! 2013 is going to be awesome!!! 😉 I look forward to the new year!!! See you then! Have a great night!



/ With Love from Hong Kong


Christmas Break!

Ni Hao!

How are you all doing? I took a Christmas break from everything for while now. I felt I needed that after this semester but now I feel ready to get back on track! Did you have a good Christmas? I spent mine in the Fiji Islands, enjoying some quality time with my family and relaxing with a book whilst admiring the view. It was a very beautiful island with spectacular water and beaches! 😉 Very nice!





It was the first time for me seeing a Santa arriving by boat on Christmas Day …. 🙂

I am sorry about the pictures of my new clothes that I have not showed you yet, will fix that asap…. Stay tuned! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong


Hey everyone!

My Friday started off with some studying and then I went shopping at Horizon Plaza. Really like that outlet tower block! You can find everything there! I came home with some bags filled with a new pair of shoes as well as a gorgeous dress and a scarf…. I will show you pictures tomorrow! Now after dinner I am watching newest episode of 90210…. Relaxing Friday preparing for exams next week! 😉

Hope you had a good Friday!

IMG_0326/ With Love from Hong Kong

My new favorite pair of shoes!

I have not shown you my new favorite pair of shoes from the collaboration between American Converse and Finnish Marimeeko! I love them, so comfy but still so chic and colorful! I always get so happy when I look down on my feet and see this pattern! Found them at IT outlet in Tung Chung and bought the shoes for 350 HK Dollars! Nice price!!! 😉


/ With Love from Hong Kong

HK Christmas!

As Christmas is basically just around the corner, HK is starting to look like a Christmas Wonderland! And I like it! Here are some snapshots I have taken the last couple of days! 😉


In Festival Walk, the most exquisite Swarovski- tree…


Outside Harbour city, where they this year went with the motto “More is less”….


A Snow land with reindeers and penguins has been built in Langham Place…


In Elements, on the other hand, it has been built up more artistic and colorful Christmas decorations…



I also found a little Christmas train with Christmas presents!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

End of lessons for this semester!

Hey! I had my last lessons for this semester, so the only thing left now is studying for the big exams I will have next Tuesday and Thursday! I can not believe that I an soon finished with the first semester at uni!!! Incredible, but I still have the exams left though…. So this week I will study like a maniac for those! And after them, it is Christmas break! 😉 After my last lesson, a friend and I decided to celebrate by trying the chocolate fondue at Häagen-dazs… mmm… it was really delicious! Häagen-dazs ice cream with melted chocolate and fresh strawberries and bananas… the ice cream “summer berries” with the melted chocolate was divine… Perfect way to celebrate! This is another reason why I like living in cities that offer relatively warm weather all year, it is never too cold for eat ice cream! 😉


/ With Love from Hong Kong

Letters to Juliet

Yesterday I watched the romantic “feel-good” movie that is kind of cheesy and predictable but still cute, “Letters to Juliet”! I really like Amanda Seyfriend who plays the main character in the movie, she is very pretty. In addition, she really fits perfectly with this role character! The movie was released in 2010 and  takes place in Verona, Italy where the famous Juliet balcony is located. I actually visited that city two years ago, so I could recognize some of the place that are in the movie. Verona was truly a adorable little city with a river and bridges as well as amazing Italian food! Italian pizza and ice cream!!! yummie! 😉 Moreover, the guy in the movie (as all love stories, the girl needs to meet a guy…) was pretty handsome also! Extra plus for him! This film is perfect for rainy days drinking hot cocoa and just enjoying a cute love story!



letters to

Amanda Seyfried

/ With Love from Hong Kong

BBC Languages

Ni Hao!

I just wanted to promote this really good website for learning new languages! As I am trying to learn Mandarin (or at least a few standard phrases and basic words) this website has been really helpful. You can see how the words should be pronounced and  how they are spelled in that language and also practice by doing different exercises with theses words. They offer learning activities for 40 different languages, for example Swedish, Mandarin/Chinese and French! Have a look here! Good luck with your language acquiring! 😉

språk     / With Love from Hong Kong

Long time, no see!

Dear readers,

Long time, no see! Sorry about that! I hope everything is well with you all! Yesterday, I thought about the fact that when you are really good friends with someone it does not matter how often you meet. Because when you meet, you just start from the place you were when you finished last time. I love that feeling and that is what I feel about this blog as well! 😉

I have had a relaxing weekend with studies as well as dinner with friends and family. In summary, a nice weekend! 😉 Yesterday I watched the movie “The curious life of Benjamin Button”, a really good movie actually! If you have not seen it, you missed out on something!

bb liv


/ With Love from Hong Kong