Letters to Juliet

by withlovefromhk

Yesterday I watched the romantic “feel-good” movie that is kind of cheesy and predictable but still cute, “Letters to Juliet”! I really like Amanda Seyfriend who plays the main character in the movie, she is very pretty. In addition, she really fits perfectly with this role character! The movie was released in 2010 and  takes place in Verona, Italy where the famous Juliet balcony is located. I actually visited that city two years ago, so I could recognize some of the place that are in the movie. Verona was truly a adorable little city with a river and bridges as well as amazing Italian food! Italian pizza and ice cream!!! yummie! 😉 Moreover, the guy in the movie (as all love stories, the girl needs to meet a guy…) was pretty handsome also! Extra plus for him! This film is perfect for rainy days drinking hot cocoa and just enjoying a cute love story!



letters to

Amanda Seyfried

/ With Love from Hong Kong