End of lessons for this semester!

by withlovefromhk

Hey! I had my last lessons for this semester, so the only thing left now is studying for the big exams I will have next Tuesday and Thursday! I can not believe that I an soon finished with the first semester at uni!!! Incredible, but I still have the exams left though…. So this week I will study like a maniac for those! And after them, it is Christmas break! 😉 After my last lesson, a friend and I decided to celebrate by trying the chocolate fondue at Häagen-dazs… mmm… it was really delicious! Häagen-dazs ice cream with melted chocolate and fresh strawberries and bananas… the ice cream “summer berries” with the melted chocolate was divine… Perfect way to celebrate! This is another reason why I like living in cities that offer relatively warm weather all year, it is never too cold for eat ice cream! 😉


/ With Love from Hong Kong