HK life

by withlovefromhk

Ni Hao dear readers!!! 🙂

I have missed writing to you, guys!  And I hope you can forgive me for not writing to you for such a long time now. My only excuse is that I have been busy living the HK dream! 😉 I have fallen deeply in live with this city I am living in. It is such a comfortable, modern, multicultural,exciting, interesting and cool city! It feels like I have never lived anywhere else and Hong Kong has become my second home.

Since I last wrote to you I have seen a lot of new parts of Hong Kong, learnt some more Mandarin and met a lot of interesting human beings. The bigger the city is, the more people you met! I will give you an update tomorrow of some newcomers to my wardrobe as well as some experiences I have had these last months. Zaijian! 😉


/ With Love from Hong Kong