It will rain

by withlovefromhk




Ni Hao! How are you today? I have only had a short lesson today but then ended up doing a group work. It is unbelievable that  I will be done with the first year at university in three weeks. Time really flies, so you better make sure to do something good with it! 😉

I am now studying and will soon join my family for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I am starting to like the Chinese food more and more but I still pretty lousy with the chopsticks… Today HK is very humid and warm but also very grey, dull and rainy. I have noticed that the spring in HK is not very special and most of the time it actually just rains. Therefore, my advice to those how are keen on going to HK, go in the autumn! Then you will have the best weather 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong