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Month: August, 2013

Wake me up, Avicii!

One of my favorite songs right now by the Swedish artist Avicii, check it out!
/ With Love from Hong Kong


I am back!

Hello readers!

Hope you all had a wonderful summer! I am back in Hong Kong as well as back in the blog world.  After a long needed vacation in Sweden during the summer I feel ready for a autumn in Hong Kong! I have so much new shopping items to show you as well as new HK tips to share with you  🙂

But I want to start off by giving you a piece of advice to one of the best websites about Hong Kong. It focus mostly on women but they do have a lot of good reviews on restaurant and bars. They also recommend good beauty salons and fashion stores as well as the newest city updates! Check it out here!

Talk to you tomorrow!


/ With Love from Hong Kong