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Best Of Today

1. The March issue of Cosmopolitan! Some entertainment and relaxation! 😉 And I specially like the fashion pages in this issue!

2. My new favorite nailpolish from OPI , called ” Warm and Fozzie “. It has the most amazing bronze, green, brown and black color, really cool and matches with everything! I always get compliments when my nails are painted with this color!

3. I absolutely adore my new pair of Italian Marni ballerina flats! They are perfection with the light brown polished leather combined with the sparkling gold bow! 😀

4. My favorite T-shirt from Marc Jacobs that I could wear 7 days a week! The fabric is amazing and I really like the pattern also! So simple but still so chic!


/ With Love from Hong Kong


Best of Today

1. November issue of Harper´s Bazaar US. I love that magazine, it always offers such nice fashion advice! Nice to read something else except the course literature for school…

 2. Calligraphy pens in every possible color, I really enjoy writing calligraphy in my agenda, makes it so tidy, nice and colorful! When my agenda is in good shape, so am I! 😉

3. Wallet from Burberry, this practical and user-friendly wallet is a big favorite of mine! The quality, the simpleness and the organization it provides makes me adore it!

4. Scarf from Methzo, amazing colors and the material (100 % wool) makes it perfect to wear during chilly autumn evenings. The pattern is just lovely.

Hope you all had a fantastic Friday! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Best of Today


Best of Today:

1. Stylish Jacket from Weekend MaxMara with such nice leather details! This will be perfect to wear during the colder months in HK!

2. Mulberry Agenda, practical and never goes out of style! I have had mine for two years and it still looks exactly as when I first bought it. That is what I call quality! 😉

3. Red ballerina flats from the Swiss brand Bally, I really love their footwear and bags!! Everything is always so classic and the leather is amazing as well as the fitting of the shoe. And red shoes are never wrong! easyMe like!

4. Classic brown leather belt from Chanel, can be used with almost everything and is such a nice detail!

5. The bag is also from Bally and the size of the bag makes it neat and easy to carry along at all occasions.Suitable for both party and everyday life! 🙂

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Best of Today


Best of Today:

1. “The Secret”. I haven´t read it yet, but it is supposed to be really good so I am very excited about reading it! I will get back to you with a review! 😉 By the way, have anyone of you read it?

2. Orange Hermes H bracelet. So classic but still so modern. I really love the color as well!

3. Military green silk skirt from American Gryphon, such a comfy skirt and I really like the material!

4. My new green iPhone case from Burberry, quiet an unusual color but I like it! And it is so practical and it keeps my iPhone in the best possible condition!

5. Mavala Nail Shield. The best treatment I have ever tried for protecting your nails. Keeps your nails strong and healthy! This product I warmly recommend. I am also really fond of all their nail polishes! (“Hong Kong” is a really nice color! One of my favorites! )

/ With love from Hong Kong

Best of Today


Best of Today:

1. Downton Abbey. I absolutely love this series, it is so good! The clothes, the environment, the romance…. I am so looking forward to season 3!!! Warning though: When you start watching, it will be hard to stop!!! 😉

2. Sunglasses from Juicy Couture, perfect for the searing sun here in Hong Kong!

3. Leather skirt, huge trend this autumn! Black leather is the thing!

4. The perfume Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel… classy, chic, stylish… do I need to say anything more?

5. I adore the color of my scarf from the Swedish brand Filippa K, it makes rainy days much more colorful! 🙂

5. Black and white pumps from Chanel. These are the shoes that I love the most in my wardrobe and who wouldn´t? They are fantastic! As well as many of my pumps, these ones are bought in a vintage shop in Stockholm!

/ With love from Hong Kong

Best of Today


Best of Today:

1. My beautiful rose skirt from the swedish brand Ida Sjöstedt, such nice things she designs!

2. My favorite hair brush does miracles to my hair, Mason Pearson, truly the best hair brush ever! Even better because it is pink! 😉

3. The latest issue of Hermes, I want everything in that magazine! What amazing patterns and colors!

4. My new bra from Princess Tam Tam, love their underwear

5. From Sweden I brought my make up bag from “Svenskt Tenn”, a swedish shop that has absolutely incredible interior design as well as accessories. If you want more information about them, check out their website here!

In Hong Kong the autumn is approaching, we “only” had 25 degrees today, it is getting colder!

/ With love from Hong Kong

Best of Today


Best of Today:

1. The September issue of Hong Kong Tatler, really good!!! Can be bought at the bookshop Swindon located at 13-15 Lock Road here in Hong Kong (really nice bookshop!)

2. My colorful Versace shoes bought in a vintage boutique in Stockholm

3. My favourite sunglasses from Gucci helps to protect my eyes from the intense sun here in Hong Kong

4. My new lace T-shirt from Ralph Lauren, really beautiful!

5.  My jeans shorts are also designed by the talented Mister Lauren

6. The unique vintage handbag from Burberry that has been a favorite for a looong time.

Hope you all had a good sunday!

/ With love from Hong Kong