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Pasta Love

Ni hao!

If you are a pasta lover just as me, these three following delicious pasta dishes you cannot miss when in Hong Kong! All of them are just as delicious as they look! Feels like you are in Italy all of a sudden 😉


If you are looking for a fabulous restaurant located in the basement in the heart of LKF serving an amazing Papardelle bolognese with homemade pasta and a tasty bolognese sauce, Lily and Bloom is the place you should go to. The steaks and meat dishes are supposed to be delicious here as well.


Another favorite of mine, the seafood pasta I tasted when visiting the lovely cute and calm Agnes B Le Pain Grille in Festival Walk. This restaurant is actually French so all dishes have a touch of French cuisine but this dish feels very Italian though. Nonetheless, the food was delicious and the taste from the seafood accompanied with garlic was divine.


Last but not least, The lobster pasta served at Ristorante Joia is just fantastic also. The taste of chili with lobster and tomato works perfectly together with the pasta.

To sum up ,if you choose any of these three dishes I believe you wont be disappointed since they all makes me wanna scream; Fantastico! 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong



Every day is Dessert day



Looking for one of the best chocolate dessert in HK? Go to Baby Cafe in TST or the one at Langham Place! The model and actress Angelababy is the founder of the very chic and chanel-inspired cafe with good food! 😉 Love the interior design they have and that they serve warm croissants with the food. You can read more about it here!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

BLT Burger

If you have cravings for really good American food when in HK, I recommend you to pay a visit to BLT Burger! 😉 Here you can enjoy a really good burger with french fries and drink delicious milkshake! You find the restaurant in Harbour City located in the area called Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). Enjoy!


/ With Love from Hong Kong


End of lessons for this semester!

Hey! I had my last lessons for this semester, so the only thing left now is studying for the big exams I will have next Tuesday and Thursday! I can not believe that I an soon finished with the first semester at uni!!! Incredible, but I still have the exams left though…. So this week I will study like a maniac for those! And after them, it is Christmas break! 😉 After my last lesson, a friend and I decided to celebrate by trying the chocolate fondue at Häagen-dazs… mmm… it was really delicious! Häagen-dazs ice cream with melted chocolate and fresh strawberries and bananas… the ice cream “summer berries” with the melted chocolate was divine… Perfect way to celebrate! This is another reason why I like living in cities that offer relatively warm weather all year, it is never too cold for eat ice cream! 😉


/ With Love from Hong Kong

Lunch at Agnes B!

This weekend I got to taste the food at Agnes B – Le Pain Grille, and it was delicious! I took pasta with prawns in cream sauce, and it was so good! Perfect lunch! In addition, I ate their garlic bread, which was really good! 😉 The restaurants presents French food in various kinds and they have so many different kinds of pastries! I had to try one so I decided to try “Paris”, a pastry strawberries with some kind of vanilla cream. Yummy!!! They have around 20 restaurants in Hong Kong, I visited the one at Festival Walk! 🙂 Besides restaurants the brand (Agnes B) includes  fashion stores amongst other things. The brand was founded by Agnes Andrée Marguerite Troublé, whom was born in Versailles, Paris in 1941. She now has stores all over the world, and apparently she is planning on opening stores in Shanghai and Beijing.

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Joia Ristorante Italiano

Last night I had a better gastronomic experience! I ate one of the best pizzas ever! Just amazing! The restaurant name is “Joia Ristorante Italiano” located in the shopping mall Elements, you can find some more information about the restaurant here. I  tried their signature pizza with parma ham, buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. I also got the chance to try their signature spaghetti with Fresh Boston lobster in tomato and basil sauce, another divine dish! If you feel like eating Italian in Hong Kong, this is the place to go! I will absolutely go back to this restaurant!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Life is like a box of macaroons!

Celebrating the fact that is Friday, I bought some french sweets for myself! I am a huge fan of macaroons, I mean, what is it not to like? 😉  My favorites are bought from either LGB, Ladurée or Paul Lafayet. And when it comes to flavors; raspberry, caramel, passion fruit and vanilla are my favorites! Yummie!!! These ones are bought at LGB, which has a store located in the shopping mall “Elements”. Anyone else who is addicted to the small sweets that just appears in every possible color and flavor?? 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Mrs. Fields


Looking for some really delicious cookies? Try Mrs. Fields cookies! Divine! 😉 You can find this bakery at many different places, mostly MTR stations (for example the Central station). Enjoy!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Saturday is sweet!


Saturday is sweet, enjot it! I will!!! 😉

/ With love from Hong Kong

Egg puffs!

Whilst in Hong Kong, try egg puffs (I am not sure if that is the right name for them but at least that is what me and my friends call them)! It is very typical Hong Kong street food and you can find almost everywhere on the street. It tastes almost like waffles, so if you have cravings for waffles in HK, eat egg puffs 😉


/ With love from Hong Kong