With love from Hong Kong

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It will rain




Ni Hao! How are you today? I have only had a short lesson today but then ended up doing a group work. It is unbelievable that  I will be done with the first year at university in three weeks. Time really flies, so you better make sure to do something good with it! 😉

I am now studying and will soon join my family for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I am starting to like the Chinese food more and more but I still pretty lousy with the chopsticks… Today HK is very humid and warm but also very grey, dull and rainy. I have noticed that the spring in HK is not very special and most of the time it actually just rains. Therefore, my advice to those how are keen on going to HK, go in the autumn! Then you will have the best weather 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong


Like a Summer flower



This is the new piece of clothing I was talking about!! My new dress from Marc Jacobs. I found it on outlet waiting for me to bring it home! It originally cost 9 000 HK Dollars, I instead paid 1 500 HK Dollars. Felt like a good deal since I love this dress so much! The fabric, the pattern, the flowers and the simpleness with it just suits me perfectly! In other words, the perfect summer dress! I am so happy! Now I only need to get a tan and then I am ready for summer! 🙂



/ With Love from Hong Kong

Sweet Dreams!



Hey! I have had a quite hectic day with lesson all day from 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening, but it has also been a fun day!  I prefer having too much to do than nothing at all, so the HK life suits me pretty good. I am now handing in and finalizing most of my course work which is very nice, so I can focus on preparing for the final exams in May.

I am getting ready for bed now, so will soon read a magazine and then dream about my new piece of clothing that you can get a glimpse of at this picture. I will show you what it is tomorrow! 😉 Sweet dreams!

/ With Love from Hong Kong

Best Of Today

1. The March issue of Cosmopolitan! Some entertainment and relaxation! 😉 And I specially like the fashion pages in this issue!

2. My new favorite nailpolish from OPI , called ” Warm and Fozzie “. It has the most amazing bronze, green, brown and black color, really cool and matches with everything! I always get compliments when my nails are painted with this color!

3. I absolutely adore my new pair of Italian Marni ballerina flats! They are perfection with the light brown polished leather combined with the sparkling gold bow! 😀

4. My favorite T-shirt from Marc Jacobs that I could wear 7 days a week! The fabric is amazing and I really like the pattern also! So simple but still so chic!


/ With Love from Hong Kong

VS to HK!

Victoria´s Secret is going to open a big shop in HK, guess if I am happy! 😀 It will open very soon in the IFC mall, you can read more about it in this article!


By the way, I saw that Calvin Klein has decided to present the Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård on their posters! This huge poster was hanging in one of the busiest areas on HK Island. Have you seen him in True blood? 😉

/ With Love from Hong Kong

HK Flower Show 2013

In the end of March, I visited the HK Flower Show 2013. There I saw amazing flower creations and arrangements made by skillful flower experts. I was lucky enough to see creations looking like human beings as well as butterflies made completely out of flowers, really cool and impressive! The show is only during a limited period of time and unfortunately I think that period is over for this year, but I think the show will be just as beautiful next year! So if you have the chance, take a look at the show then! It only cost around 10 HK Dollars and was a really nice experience!







/ With Love from Hong Kong

A peaceful mind



/ With Love from Hong Kong

BLT Burger

If you have cravings for really good American food when in HK, I recommend you to pay a visit to BLT Burger! 😉 Here you can enjoy a really good burger with french fries and drink delicious milkshake! You find the restaurant in Harbour City located in the area called Tsim Sha Tsui (TST). Enjoy!


/ With Love from Hong Kong


HK life

Ni Hao dear readers!!! 🙂

I have missed writing to you, guys!  And I hope you can forgive me for not writing to you for such a long time now. My only excuse is that I have been busy living the HK dream! 😉 I have fallen deeply in live with this city I am living in. It is such a comfortable, modern, multicultural,exciting, interesting and cool city! It feels like I have never lived anywhere else and Hong Kong has become my second home.

Since I last wrote to you I have seen a lot of new parts of Hong Kong, learnt some more Mandarin and met a lot of interesting human beings. The bigger the city is, the more people you met! I will give you an update tomorrow of some newcomers to my wardrobe as well as some experiences I have had these last months. Zaijian! 😉


/ With Love from Hong Kong

Life is simply food!

What have I been up to today? Well, I started off my day with a lecture in economics, fairly interesting, and then ate lunch with a Scandinavian friend of mine. We ate lunch at a cosy and wonderful little cafe called SimplyLife. The environment is absolutely lovely at this cafe as well as their bread and cakes! When I visited them for the first I wanted to try all their different kinds of cakes, yummie! They serve food as well, I recommend the pizza with parma ham and tomato… 😉 And do NOT miss out on the dessert! Hope you all had a good Tuesday!


/ With Love from Hong Kong